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After an eventful christmas/new years break I'm finally back in Munich. It was a great time with my family and then of course during the last week with [ profile] ikel89. Ruhrgebiet sightseeing, stupid anime and lots of rain included. BLOH <3

Now one of my first acts after being back had to be go pick up my secret santa package!! Such a nice thing to look forward to during work today!
It's from Russia and the lovely Ksenia made it! (seriously are there other countries involved in this exchange then russia, germany and US?)
When I opened the package it already pleasantly smelled of coffee, which is like my favorite smell in the world??!! Unfortunately it turned out that this was because the bag of coffee inside was slightly ripped and the powder was everywhere, including my room's floor and furniture. If this means infinite coffee smell for me, I'm totally fine with it.

As for the other contents! See all the russian cuteness!

I was mostly surprised to find a letter written in german (and very well also!), so this alone made me squee and go all smiley faces.

Then we have lovely smelling bath products (of which I still need to find out the flavors, but I think the right one is the same stuff my grandpa uses to make liqueur?). I'm always out of shower products and I love natural stuff so this is perfect! I get that the left is shampoo but russian people could you help me out about the orange one? The german word in the letter is kind of vague...

Also super cute muffin ..molds? What is the word? I haven't done any baking in a while and now I really want to!!
Look at the owl pen! I LOVE OWLS
(please notice coffee powder covering everything xDD)

Also the letter is written inside this adorable handmade card, which makes it even more cool!! I love the rough paper!

New Year's greetings! Honestly I'm really happy that this package didn't contain any chocolate as that would have totally ruined my plan of eating less sweets this year. (seriously people stop giving me sweets I'm weak!!)

Thank you so much Ksenia! I will leave this entry public so you can see it since you're not in LJ!
And of course big thanks to Kay for organzing everything once again! I hope you'll get your package tomorrow!!

This was a great way to start my time back in Munich.
When I came home yesterday I had to find out that not only the sink in our bathroom but also the light there was broken (fixed it already, sorry roommates you are useless) and we had run out of coffee and other basic edibles. You can guess how well that resonated with me after two weeks at my family's place where everything is always in perfect order and the fridge stacked with food. I need to get used to my peasant life again.

song of the day: Sia - soon we'll be found

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