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After an eventful christmas/new years break I'm finally back in Munich. It was a great time with my family and then of course during the last week with [ profile] ikel89. Ruhrgebiet sightseeing, stupid anime and lots of rain included. BLOH <3

Now one of my first acts after being back had to be go pick up my secret santa package!! Such a nice thing to look forward to during work today!
It's from Russia and the lovely Ksenia made it! (seriously are there other countries involved in this exchange then russia, germany and US?)
When I opened the package it already pleasantly smelled of coffee, which is like my favorite smell in the world??!! Unfortunately it turned out that this was because the bag of coffee inside was slightly ripped and the powder was everywhere, including my room's floor and furniture. If this means infinite coffee smell for me, I'm totally fine with it.

As for the other contents! See all the russian cuteness!

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song of the day: Sia - soon we'll be found

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From now on this blog will be completely friendslocked since I mostly use it as a personal journal anyway.

My boring, or sometimes not so boring life, travels, design school, fandom, trying not to turn insane over the insignificance of life in the face of the vastness of the universe etc etc.
Plus I have some kind of music rec thing going on, mostly so that I can steal lines from songs to use as headlines.

If any of this is something that might appeal to you, please feel free to comment on this post and be friends.


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